Not only is knowing your skin tone important for choosing your hair color, it’s also helpful for choosing colors and shades when picking out make-up and clothing.

The most simple and easy way to figure out your undertone is by checking out the veins in your wrists.

If they are blueish, you have a cool undertone like these lovely ladies.

If they are greenish you have a warm undertone.

If it falls somewhere in between, you might have a neutral undertone.

Warm undertones look better in ivory, while cool undertones appear better in pure white. Neutral gets the best of both worlds!

If you’re a foundation user and every shade you choose is too pink or too yellow, start looking for nuetral shades.

Still having trouble figuring out your skin tone? Put the orange and mauve slides in your hand or by your face and choose the one that better enhances your radiance and healthy glow.



Pink based foundation Yellow based foundation
Brown or bronze with a tan Golden brown with a tan
Pale with pink undertones Pale with peach ow3r gold undertones
Pale with no color in cheeks Medium with golden undertones
Medium with faint pink cheeks Brown with golden undertones
Medium with no color in cheeks Very dark brown with golden undertones
True olive
Brown with pink undertone
Very dark brown with reddish or blue undertones


I, myself, have a neutral undertone, so luckily I have very few limitations to my personal color spectrum. A lot of multi-ethnic and biracial individuals share this undertone.

Skin tones and undertones are different. Skin tones change and can be influenced your environment. Things like UV rays, geographical location, illnesses, etc. Undertones are set and can never change.

Hair tips according to your undertone:



Raven Black Light honey blonde
Coffee and Mid Level Blonde Strawberry blonde
Auborgine, Mahogany, and Burgundy Reds Golden Mid Level blonde
Blue/green dark brown or black Warm Chocolate browns
Blue Black Dark Brown with a hint of rust
Deep Coffee Brown Golden Brown
Cool Ash Browns Auburn
Fire Engine Red for a dramatic look Red and colors with orange highlights
Gold, Bronze, or warm reds; Also yellow based colors Violet, blue and white colors; too much ash in your hair can make you look older and pale

Tips for neutral colors:

  • Choose colors that enhance your eye tone
  • Enhance dark eyes with exotic colors like dark wine
  • Try colors like sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown and mahogany
  • Any shade of red will work with you!
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