YB Kinky/Curly Girl Hair Regime (simplified)

1.During my morning shower, I start my routine off by cleansing my hair and scalp with __________ shampoo.
  • I shampoo like one every two weeks or so, or whenever I feel my hair has been drowned in too much product. Shampooing too much can dry out your hair and damage it’s overall health.
  • I like use about a quarter size amount, maybe more, and massage it into my scalp for a minute or two. This helps cleanse my head of nasty build up and allows for more blood circulation, which in turn promotes hair growth.
  • I don’t leave the shampoo in for too long maybe 2-3 minutes maximum, including application and massaging time.
  • Look for shampoos that are sulfate free.

2. I then condition with ________ conditioner.

  • Unless I’m shampooing, I generally start with my conditioner. I like to condition my hair almost every day; six to seven days a week.
  • I start with a quarter size amount and apply it at my ends. I then take a wide tooth comb and detangle my hair starting at the ends, starting at the bottom, going up. This helps prevent breakage and helps conserve conditioner! I judge how much more conditioner I need to cover my entire head and add a quarter size or more to my roots. I finish off with detangling.
  • Right around my crown, I have really scabby hair. I’m not certain why it’s like that or how long it’s been that way. Lately, I’ve been concentrating more product there to help bring it back to life, but it’s a slow process.
  • I like to leave the product in for about 4 minutes after applying and detangling before rinsing it out. It’s up to you, but I tend to leave a tiny bit of product in after rinsing.
  • Sometimes, if I’m running low on leave-in conditioner, I’ll just substitute it with regular conditioner by not washing any of the product out. Still looks great!

3. After my shower, I ring out as much excess water as I can, then blot dry with an old shirt.

  • I try to stay clear from towels. They can rough up your hair and cause breakage.
  • I blot until my hair’s about 20%-30% dry

4. After drying, I apply ________ leave in conditioner.

  • Leave-in conditioners help keep your hair hydrated. Think of it as food for your hair. Without moisture, your hair would be dry and dull.
  • They also help out with frizz and split ends and with continued use they can also help out the overall health of your hair.
  • When applying, I measure out 2 inch (in thickness) rows and apply product by sections. I comb the product through and this helps make sure I get it nice and evenly distributed.

5. After the leave in, I apply my styling product, _______________.

  • If I’m going curly it’s a curl enhancer, if I’m going straight it’s a heat protector.
  • Most of the time, you don’t want to overdo it. Too much product can really back fire on you especially when it comes to heating products.
  • If I’m going for a curly look and don’t have time to air dry, I scrunch and blow dry with a diffuser. Scrunching really helps enhance the shape of your curl so don’t write it off and using a diffuser is a must for curly hair!

6. DONE!!!

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