What To Do About A Bruised Toe Nail

So I was working an 8 hour shift in these adorable, super uncomfortable heels a while back and trust me… you better believe I was dying to get those babies off ASAP! Well, I woke up the next day to find that my my big toenail had this ugly, dark reddish color through out part of it…… you better believe I was like WTF!

Well… it’s still there…………. 5 months later, so I decided to do a little bit of research and write a little piece about it. Most articles I read about bruised nails noted pain as a symptom. Mine isn’t painful… it’s just really ugly lol so I honestly can’t say it bothers me too much. I’m just not too keen of showing my nails in public..

Here’s what I found. I hope it’s useful 🙂

I’ll throw some pictures of my nail up soon, so stay tuned!

What is a bruised nail?

(it was the prettiest picture I could find, this is not my feet btw)

Also known as subungual hematoma, runners toe, or tennis toe; a bruised nail is a collection of blood found underneath a toenail or fingernail.

How do you get a bruised nail?

A bruised nail is commonly caused from downward pressure or horizontal separation from the nail plate to the nail bed. This repetitive, traumatic injury leads to bleeding and pulling of blood underneath the toe nail plate. Clinically, it is characterized by the reddish-blackish discoloration. Bruised nails are also associated with tight fitting shoes and insufficient toe room.

How do you cover up a bruised nail?

Dark nail polishes are the way to go, honey.

How to treat a bruised nail?

In minor cases where most of the nail is attached, the body will naturally take care of this through the process of nail growth. The nail will grow out, and new nail will grow in to replace it. If there is no pain associated with the bruised area, there’s more than likely no need for treatment. In more serious cases, the nail has a tendency to fall off. You should apply a bandage to stop it from falling off completely. If your nail is completely black, it will fall and in about 5 weeks, a new one will begin grow. During this process, it’s best to keep the bare skin covered with a clean bandage in order to prevent an infection and any unwanted pain. In worst case scenario (WARNING, this is GROSS), massive amounts of liquid (often puss) get trapped under the nail bed. When it’s finally released, it tends to leave behind a nasty infection. If this is you, GO SEE DOCTOR ASAP! It only goes downhill from there…

How to prevent future bruised nails?

To help reduce the chances of getting anymore bruised nails, cut a lemon and use the lemon juice to rub on your nails. This helps because the natural enzymes contained in lemons will actually strengthen your nail. Also, it’s advisable to stop smoking. Cigarettes weaken the nail and take away it’s natural color, leaving it yellow and uglyyy.


Look at them sexy thangs!

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