Types of Eyeliners

Eyeliners are used to bring out the mirrors to your soul; your eyes! Thick or fine lines can be used in different varieties to define the contours and features of your eyes. Eyeliner can be used alone, or to compliment a look.

Here’s the general types of eyeliners available:

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner – This is one of the more difficult eyeliners to apply as it is very bold and slick. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for beginners.

  • You need a steady hand and should apply by brushing very short strokes close to the lash line. I like to begin towards the middle of the lash line and proceed towards the outer lash using short strokes. I then fill in the rest of the line starting at the inner lash line and finishing at the middle where you began, maybe going over it once for corrections.
  • It works great with Arabic make up, cat eyes, and dramatic looks.
  • It’s provides a well defined, thin line that gives off the illusion of thicker lashes.
  • I known for being difficult to apply well. It takes a steady hand, patience and practice!
Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil Eyeliner – This is the most commonly used eyeliner because it is easy to manage and control. Much like a regular pencil, you sharpen when needed.

  • To apply, simply draw a line at your lash line.
  • Pencils are perfect for coloring your waterline. I’d recommend picking a brand that’s ophthalmologist tested in order to reduce the chance of eye irritation.
Gel Eyeliner

Gel/Cream Eyeliner – This type of eyeliner is preferred more by make – up artists than mainstream consumers. They generally come in a pot that you can dip an angled brush, fine tipped brush, or even a pencil to get the product out. Sometimes it’s even used a base underneath eye shadows.

  • With a steady hand, slowly glide the brush using small strokes across your lash line.
  • Product takes a little longer to dry, so be aware of that.
  • Gel eyeliner creates a great effect, awesome for smokey eyes.
Powder Eyeliner

Eye shadow as an eyeliner – This is the easiest and fastest way to apply liner. With a stiff angled or pencil brush, dip the brush into the powder and dab or draw a line along your lash line.

  • Not recommended for the water line as it will not stick and it really irritates your eyes.
  • Great for subtle daytime looks and the color possibilities are endless!
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