Tip Of The Day #3: Diffuse Those Curls Ladies!

Diffusers are a pretty nifty tool for any curly-haired beauty. The air force from a regular dryer is much too strong to keep your curls bouncy and in tact. What a diffuser does is help take the air force and spread it though out a wider surface area so that it’s still as warm, but just not as strong as a hair dryer with no add-on attachment. When I’m in a hurry, I find that blow drying my curls on a medium setting helps keep them frizz-less and bouncy. Another alternative is of course air drying, but the problem I find with air drying is as soon as I walk outside, my hair turns into a frizzy mess! I try to air dry as much as I can but my diffuser has turned into one of my best friends.

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