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When it comes to toning your body and getting fit, it’s important to educate yourself about your body type. Each type gains and loses weight different, and it’s all based on how your metabolism and hormones react with each other.  Knowing your body type will not only allow you to lose weight more efficiently, it will also help you shape out the perfect work out routine accustomed to your needs.


Females with pear shaped bodies generally gain weight only below the waist. They have small to medium shoulders, small waist and breasts vary in size. Studies show that women with this body type tend to have more of the hormone oestrogen which targets the uterine regions, hips, thighs and breasts. Excessive amounts of this hormone promote fat deposition around the lower body and as well as cellulite. Diets will help with weight loss the upper body but not so much the lower parts. Your best bet is too exercise and weight train especially focusing on your booty and legs and embrace the fact that god blessed you with a donk!


Ladies with this body type have wide, broad shoulders, a larger rib cage and narrow hips and pelvis. Android women have an anabolic metabolism which leads to body building tendencies and strength both mentally and physically. When androids gain weight, it tends to all go to the tummy and upper body area which leads to a kind of apple effect. These girls are amazing athletes and make amazing swimmers and body builders.


Women of this body type are characterized by long limbs with fine, narrow bones. They are equipped with a high metabolism which allows them to eat in excess with little to no weight gain. Fat, for this group of girls, gathers in the lower abdomen, butt and thigh area. Of all body types, thyroids are less likely to obtain cellulite, but if it does occur it will most likely be in the back of the thighs and butt area. These ladies make fine models and dancers.


Weight gain in this body type doesn’t occur in any specific area. It is very easy for girls of this body shape to gain weight because of their low metabolism accompanied by a dysfunctional lymphatic system. Cellulite is common for this group. Visiting a nutritionist is a good option to help with the process weight loss.


These girls have evenly proportioned hips and bust with a waist that measures 10+ inches less. Many bikini ads feature models with this body type. Fat is distributed evenly through the upper and lower body but scarcely at the waist leaving these girls with a nice figure at any weight.


This body type has very little to no difference between the bust, waist and hips measurements. They possess a kind of squared off, blocky shape. They’re athletically built and lack symmetry. To even out proportions, its recommended that those with H frames should work on trimming the upper body and adding muscle to the lower body.

A study of shapes of over 6,000 women conducted by researchers at NCU circa 2004 found that 46% percent of the pool were banana shaped, just above 20% were pears, roughly 14% were apples, and last but not least 8% were hourglasses.

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