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Photoshoot Numero Uno And Hopefully More To Come!!!

Credit: Model and Photographer, Fatima Campbell (The Deviant Muse)

Location: Shaw Skate Park



this is so cute ❤


Howdy! I told you this tutorial was going to be about making stamps out of pencil erasers…right?

Well, let’s cut to the chase. I saw this tutorial on Creature Comforts a while ago, and thought it was a fantastic idea. It’s an easy and cost effective way to spruce up cards and packaging. I tried it over the weekend and had a lot of fun using the stamps to make little cards.

Did I mention that this is a great way to use old no.2 pencils you have lying around? Yup, even if the eraser is dried out and leaves streaks on your paper when you try to erase. The only caveat is that the erasers need to be new (never used), so that you can have a flat stamping surface.

To make your stamps, you will need:
-no.2 pencils with new/unused erasers
-X-acto knife
-ballpoint pen
-stamp pads

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The Notebook

Words could not begin to describe how much I absolutely love this movie! I watched it for probably the 70th time last night (it was one of thoseee nights.)

It’s so hard not to fall in love with the young, pretty Allie Calhoun, played by THE beautiful and talented Rachel McAdams. This movie literally brings tears to my eye every time I watch it.

I can’t forget to mention Ryan Gosling… this movie made him a God to me lol, seriously.

Here’s some amazing screen shots I came across on the web. Enjoy!!

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This is so adorableeeeee :3

into mind

Here is some mid-week cuteness for you. Which one is your favourite? I particularly like the cat chilling in the salad bowl and the baby hedgehog 🙂

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