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When I say alcohol, I’m not talking about a margarita or a shot of patron; I’m talking about the ingredients found in some of your hair products that can be detrimental to your beautiful hair!

Be sure to skim over the ingredients before you make any new product purchases. Here’s a list of the drying alcohols that your hair should avoid at all costs:

Denat. Alcohol,SD alcohol 40, Witch hazel, Isopropanol, ethanol,  SD alcohol, Propanol, Propyl alcohol;, Isopropyl

Here are a few fatty alcohols that act as a moisturizing agent that are OK to use:

Behenyl alcohol; Cetearyl  alcohol; Cetyl Alcohol; Isocetyl Alcohol; Isostearyl alcohol; lauryl alcohol; Myristyl alcohol; Stearyl alcohol; C30-50 Alcohols; Lanolin alcohol

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Tip of the Day #4 No matter how stressed you are, NO YANKING ON YOUR HAIR GIRLS!


Some of us have to detangle our hair more than others but all of us come across those nasty, huge knots that are almost nearly impossible to get around. When you stumble upon these foes, don’t yank and pull at them with your comb; instead take your fingers and slowly comb through your hair to finger those knots out. If it’s really bad, spritz it with a little bit of water. I like to detangle while I’m conditioning, which helps make the process 10x easier. These little tips will help reduce hair breakage and help you keep a full, beautiful head of hair!

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Tip Of The Day #3: Diffuse Those Curls Ladies!

Diffusers are a pretty nifty tool for any curly-haired beauty. The air force from a regular dryer is much too strong to keep your curls bouncy and in tact. What a diffuser does is help take the air force and spread it though out a wider surface area so that it’s still as warm, but just not as strong as a hair dryer with no add-on attachment. When I’m in a hurry, I find that blow drying my curls on a medium setting helps keep them frizz-less and bouncy. Another alternative is of course air drying, but the problem I find with air drying is as soon as I walk outside, my hair turns into a frizzy mess! I try to air dry as much as I can but my diffuser has turned into one of my best friends.

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For hair textures like my own (kinky/curly), you really want to keep the amount of times you shampoo to minimum. Unfortunately, using 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners won’t really allow that. Our hair needs moisture 24/7 and shampooing everyday strips our hair of the natural oils that we need. Conditioners help replenish and basically acts as food for our beautiful locks. By avoiding shampooing with 2 in 1’s, you’re pretty much depriving your hair of the nutrients that it  needs; but if you condition everyday, you’re still (in a way) starving your hair of its food by consistently stripping it of it natural oils . It’s best to just use a separate shampoo on a weekly basis and and follow or use a condition on a daily basis.

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Wide toothed combs are probably the most basic and most useful hair tool ever. They’re great for everyday detangling on curly or straight hair. When you get out of the shower, comb through damp hair starting at the bottoms, working your way to the top to get out unwanted tangles. If you come across any big knots, don’t yank at them! Instead, slowly and gently work your comb through the knot in a soft, gentle motion to avoid breakage. I like to use my wide tooth comb to evenly distribute product through my hair. You don’t generally want to use brushes (besides the denman) on wet, curly hair because your hair is most fragile when it’s wet. So next time you hop out of the shower or you’re dealing with damp hair, whip out your wide tooth comb for a more defined look.

Denmans are great for styling curly to wavy hair and doing a little extra detangling on all hair types. What makes the Denman brush so special is that the base is made with a particular rubber that creates a good type of friction on curly and wavy hair which in turn helps make your curls more bouncy. It also helps smooth the cuticle for healthier, shinier hair. It’s fantastic for detangling long, coarse hair. I use the Denman when I’m about to style damp hair. I wouldn’t recommend use on dry hair.

Boar bristle brushes are meant for spreading the sebum from your scalp to the rest of your hair. They’re not recommended for everyday use because they do have a tendency to cause split ends with super repetitive use. Once or twice a week should be good enough to help distribute your natural oils to the ends of your hair shafts without causing damage to your hair. I like to use this once a week towards the end of my straightening cycle, like maybe a day or two before I wash my hair out. It’s also useful for blow drying your hair straight if you have tight curls like me.

I generally just use my fine toothed comb to evenly separate my hairs and to hold my hair taut while flat ironing. Before running my flat iron through a section of hair, I take my comb and run the comb through the section first then immediate follow it with the flat iron. I found that this helps me achieve a much sleeker, straighter look.

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Surprisingly, cotton pillowcases can be a little more damaging to your beautiful locks than truly expected. Because cotton absorbs moisture, sleeping on a cotton pillowcase all night long can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle come morning time. Switching to satin not only helps eliminates that problem but since the material is so sleek, it allows your hair to move freely with tangling and snagging, which in turn helps give your hairstyle a longer lifespan.

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YB Kinky/Curly Girl Hair Regime (simplified)

1.During my morning shower, I start my routine off by cleansing my hair and scalp with __________ shampoo.
  • I shampoo like one every two weeks or so, or whenever I feel my hair has been drowned in too much product. Shampooing too much can dry out your hair and damage it’s overall health.
  • I like use about a quarter size amount, maybe more, and massage it into my scalp for a minute or two. This helps cleanse my head of nasty build up and allows for more blood circulation, which in turn promotes hair growth.
  • I don’t leave the shampoo in for too long maybe 2-3 minutes maximum, including application and massaging time.
  • Look for shampoos that are sulfate free.

2. I then condition with ________ conditioner.

  • Unless I’m shampooing, I generally start with my conditioner. I like to condition my hair almost every day; six to seven days a week.
  • I start with a quarter size amount and apply it at my ends. I then take a wide tooth comb and detangle my hair starting at the ends, starting at the bottom, going up. This helps prevent breakage and helps conserve conditioner! I judge how much more conditioner I need to cover my entire head and add a quarter size or more to my roots. I finish off with detangling.
  • Right around my crown, I have really scabby hair. I’m not certain why it’s like that or how long it’s been that way. Lately, I’ve been concentrating more product there to help bring it back to life, but it’s a slow process.
  • I like to leave the product in for about 4 minutes after applying and detangling before rinsing it out. It’s up to you, but I tend to leave a tiny bit of product in after rinsing.
  • Sometimes, if I’m running low on leave-in conditioner, I’ll just substitute it with regular conditioner by not washing any of the product out. Still looks great!

3. After my shower, I ring out as much excess water as I can, then blot dry with an old shirt.

  • I try to stay clear from towels. They can rough up your hair and cause breakage.
  • I blot until my hair’s about 20%-30% dry

4. After drying, I apply ________ leave in conditioner.

  • Leave-in conditioners help keep your hair hydrated. Think of it as food for your hair. Without moisture, your hair would be dry and dull.
  • They also help out with frizz and split ends and with continued use they can also help out the overall health of your hair.
  • When applying, I measure out 2 inch (in thickness) rows and apply product by sections. I comb the product through and this helps make sure I get it nice and evenly distributed.

5. After the leave in, I apply my styling product, _______________.

  • If I’m going curly it’s a curl enhancer, if I’m going straight it’s a heat protector.
  • Most of the time, you don’t want to overdo it. Too much product can really back fire on you especially when it comes to heating products.
  • If I’m going for a curly look and don’t have time to air dry, I scrunch and blow dry with a diffuser. Scrunching really helps enhance the shape of your curl so don’t write it off and using a diffuser is a must for curly hair!

6. DONE!!!

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Not only is knowing your skin tone important for choosing your hair color, it’s also helpful for choosing colors and shades when picking out make-up and clothing.

The most simple and easy way to figure out your undertone is by checking out the veins in your wrists.

If they are blueish, you have a cool undertone like these lovely ladies.

If they are greenish you have a warm undertone.

If it falls somewhere in between, you might have a neutral undertone.

Warm undertones look better in ivory, while cool undertones appear better in pure white. Neutral gets the best of both worlds!

If you’re a foundation user and every shade you choose is too pink or too yellow, start looking for nuetral shades.

Still having trouble figuring out your skin tone? Put the orange and mauve slides in your hand or by your face and choose the one that better enhances your radiance and healthy glow.



Pink based foundation Yellow based foundation
Brown or bronze with a tan Golden brown with a tan
Pale with pink undertones Pale with peach ow3r gold undertones
Pale with no color in cheeks Medium with golden undertones
Medium with faint pink cheeks Brown with golden undertones
Medium with no color in cheeks Very dark brown with golden undertones
True olive
Brown with pink undertone
Very dark brown with reddish or blue undertones


I, myself, have a neutral undertone, so luckily I have very few limitations to my personal color spectrum. A lot of multi-ethnic and biracial individuals share this undertone.

Skin tones and undertones are different. Skin tones change and can be influenced your environment. Things like UV rays, geographical location, illnesses, etc. Undertones are set and can never change.

Hair tips according to your undertone:



Raven Black Light honey blonde
Coffee and Mid Level Blonde Strawberry blonde
Auborgine, Mahogany, and Burgundy Reds Golden Mid Level blonde
Blue/green dark brown or black Warm Chocolate browns
Blue Black Dark Brown with a hint of rust
Deep Coffee Brown Golden Brown
Cool Ash Browns Auburn
Fire Engine Red for a dramatic look Red and colors with orange highlights
Gold, Bronze, or warm reds; Also yellow based colors Violet, blue and white colors; too much ash in your hair can make you look older and pale

Tips for neutral colors:

  • Choose colors that enhance your eye tone
  • Enhance dark eyes with exotic colors like dark wine
  • Try colors like sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown and mahogany
  • Any shade of red will work with you!
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