Surprisingly, cotton pillowcases can be a little more damaging to your beautiful locks than truly expected. Because cotton absorbs moisture, sleeping on a cotton pillowcase all night long can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle come morning time. Switching to satin not only helps eliminates that problem but since the material is so sleek, it allows your hair to move freely with tangling and snagging, which in turn helps give your hairstyle a longer lifespan.

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this is so cute ❤


Howdy! I told you this tutorial was going to be about making stamps out of pencil erasers…right?

Well, let’s cut to the chase. I saw this tutorial on Creature Comforts a while ago, and thought it was a fantastic idea. It’s an easy and cost effective way to spruce up cards and packaging. I tried it over the weekend and had a lot of fun using the stamps to make little cards.

Did I mention that this is a great way to use old no.2 pencils you have lying around? Yup, even if the eraser is dried out and leaves streaks on your paper when you try to erase. The only caveat is that the erasers need to be new (never used), so that you can have a flat stamping surface.

To make your stamps, you will need:
-no.2 pencils with new/unused erasers
-X-acto knife
-ballpoint pen
-stamp pads

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The Notebook

Words could not begin to describe how much I absolutely love this movie! I watched it for probably the 70th time last night (it was one of thoseee nights.)

It’s so hard not to fall in love with the young, pretty Allie Calhoun, played by THE beautiful and talented Rachel McAdams. This movie literally brings tears to my eye every time I watch it.

I can’t forget to mention Ryan Gosling… this movie made him a God to me lol, seriously.

Here’s some amazing screen shots I came across on the web. Enjoy!!

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What Mascara Effect Are You Looking For?

Determining what you need; Mascara’s are generally designed for three types of lashes; thin and sparse, full and short, or thick and long. Since it is possible to have a combination of the lash types (ie. Thin and short, thick and short) you really want to focus on what feature you want to change the most. You need to really look objectively at your lashes. Most mascara users believe that their lashes are too short and not full enough. Close inspection might make you think otherwise.

What effect are you looking for?

Thickening/Volumizing – Thickening mascara is used to make your eyelashes look thicker and more full. The formula contain a higher amount of silicone polymers and waxes that coat lashes and the tight brush applies helps with applying a thick layer. For best results, apply two coats and move the wand in a back and forth as it applied to ensure mascara is applied to sides of lashes. Recommended for those with thin/sparse lashes 

Lengthening – This is most popular mascara among consumers. The denser bristles allow for heavier application of product, especially at the tips. This gives off the illusion of longer lashes.Some formulas add fibers to the tips making them stronger so they become longer. Be aware though, they’ve been known to cause irritation around the eyes, especially if you wear contacts.Recommended for those with short/ sparse and short/full lashes.

Curling – The curve in the wand acts as a mini curler per say. There do happen to be a lot of complaints associated the actual effectiveness of many these products though…

Non-clumping – A more recent type of mascara, the non clumping formulas contain glycerin and/or silk extracts to take away from the “crispy” feeling. They tend to have longer wands for a more even application.

Defining – This is to enhance those with full and thick lashes while still preserving a soft, natural look. For best results, apply no more than 2 coats. Overdoing it can a lead to a cakey/clumpy look. Ideal for those with naturally full/thick lashes looking to add a little UMPH to what they’re working with.

Nourishing – Designed with key ingredients to help promote growth and thickness. Has a tendency of creating lashes that are smeared and clumsy. These products can generally be used with other mascaras.

Waterproof – Made with a special formula, waterproof mascara is made to repel water. It can be harsh on the lashes and may lead to breakage so it’s recommended that you keep use at a minimum. I like to use it when I go to the beach or hit the club scene. Some recommend it if your interestedin holding a curl longer.

BRUSHES AND such and such…

Straight brushes – Straight brushes are popular for their versatility and they’re easy to use. The shape of the brush makes it easier to apply product to the small lashes located around the corners of your eye. Beginners tend to favor this brush because it’s easy to use and typically forgiving of mistakes.

Curved brushes – Curved brushes encourage curl and lift to lashes. Sweeping the brush from side to side while simultaneously moving the wand up from the root to tip encourages curl. This gives off the effect of bigger, brighter eyes.

Combs – Combs are small and flat. Individual tines are designed to separate lashes and discourage clumping.

Bristles – Unlike combs, brushes that are straight or curved have bristles, which are also important for achieving the desired lash style. A brush with short, tightly spaced bristles will be ideal for adding volume to lashes, whereas a brush with long, loosely spaced bristles is best for lengthening and separating lashes. Rubber bristles attempt to combine the qualities expressed by both long and short bristles. A mascara brush with rubber bristles coats even the tiniest lashes, which adds volume, but is also strong enough to coat lashes from root to tip, which adds length. The sturdiness of the rubber bristles also mimics the effects of a comb and separates the lashes.


Also check out my article on How to Apply Mascara

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Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara Review

So, I purchased the Tarte Picture Perfect Eye Lash Curler with free Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara sample from Ulta the other day for about $16. Not bad, not bad. The curler is AMAZINGGG. I’m in love, though when I purchased this item, I was mostly excited about trying out the free sample. There was a lot of hype about it under Ulta reviews, so I was dying to try it out! Well it is good stuff, but I can’t say it’s the best out there, especially not at a price of $19 a tube.

While applying, I did notice that it was a tad bit clumpy, which I wasn’t too happy about. It does really bring my eyes out though, you can definitely tell the difference in the before and after shots. My lashes are already pretty long, but I was happy with the added length this product offered me.

I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and haven’t noticed much change in volume or lash curl.

I would recommend this product to someone with short, sparse lashes.

I would probably rate this a 3.5 out of 5 stars, mostly due to the the price ($19 a bottle) and clumping.

(just a heads up, i had curled my lashes prior to application that day because I didn’t expect to be applying any mascara later on. that’s probably the only reason you can even see them in the before shot :/)

(click for close ups)



These other two after shots are from a different day. I was checking out my lashes and thought this would make a good example of how great this mascara works! All I’m wearing is a dark brown eyeliner and a few coats of Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes! curled to perfection with Tarte Perfect Eyelash Curler.

(_if you click this image, you can see them REALLY close up!_)


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This is so adorableeeeee :3

into mind

Here is some mid-week cuteness for you. Which one is your favourite? I particularly like the cat chilling in the salad bowl and the baby hedgehog 🙂

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Types of Eyeliners

Eyeliners are used to bring out the mirrors to your soul; your eyes! Thick or fine lines can be used in different varieties to define the contours and features of your eyes. Eyeliner can be used alone, or to compliment a look.

Here’s the general types of eyeliners available:

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner – This is one of the more difficult eyeliners to apply as it is very bold and slick. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for beginners.

  • You need a steady hand and should apply by brushing very short strokes close to the lash line. I like to begin towards the middle of the lash line and proceed towards the outer lash using short strokes. I then fill in the rest of the line starting at the inner lash line and finishing at the middle where you began, maybe going over it once for corrections.
  • It works great with Arabic make up, cat eyes, and dramatic looks.
  • It’s provides a well defined, thin line that gives off the illusion of thicker lashes.
  • I known for being difficult to apply well. It takes a steady hand, patience and practice!
Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil Eyeliner – This is the most commonly used eyeliner because it is easy to manage and control. Much like a regular pencil, you sharpen when needed.

  • To apply, simply draw a line at your lash line.
  • Pencils are perfect for coloring your waterline. I’d recommend picking a brand that’s ophthalmologist tested in order to reduce the chance of eye irritation.
Gel Eyeliner

Gel/Cream Eyeliner – This type of eyeliner is preferred more by make – up artists than mainstream consumers. They generally come in a pot that you can dip an angled brush, fine tipped brush, or even a pencil to get the product out. Sometimes it’s even used a base underneath eye shadows.

  • With a steady hand, slowly glide the brush using small strokes across your lash line.
  • Product takes a little longer to dry, so be aware of that.
  • Gel eyeliner creates a great effect, awesome for smokey eyes.
Powder Eyeliner

Eye shadow as an eyeliner – This is the easiest and fastest way to apply liner. With a stiff angled or pencil brush, dip the brush into the powder and dab or draw a line along your lash line.

  • Not recommended for the water line as it will not stick and it really irritates your eyes.
  • Great for subtle daytime looks and the color possibilities are endless!
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Determining Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is crucial when it comes to fighting breakouts and taking care of your skin. Use the wrong product and it might make your skin look worse! Your skin type will always be the same considering it’s genetically predetermined for you. Your best bet is to make do with what you have and give yourself the proper treatment your skin needs.

There are 5 general skin types:

Normal Skin – If you’ve been blessed with normal skin, you are one lucky duckling. Normal skin is vibrant, elastic and supple. This skin type has the least amount of problems, at least when it comes to zits. Your skin looks clean and smooth, has great circulation and a healthy complexion. Even with minimum care, it’ll look great well into your latter years.

Dry Skin – Dry skin feels rather flacky, dry and tight. It’s easy for those with this skin type to develop sallow tone, wrinkles, and fine pores. This skin type is very prone to aging and irritating so it’s a MUST to keep this skin type hydrated and thoroughly moisturized.

Oily skin – Oily skin appears greasy, shiny and has fairly large pores.  It’s very easy for those with this skin type to fall victim to- duhduhduhhhhhhh acne. The good thing about this skin type is that it is age resistant so it’ll be a long while before you notice any sign of wrinkles and aging. It’s recommended that this skin type stays away from rich, creamy moisturizers because they do have a tendency to cause breakouts.

Combination Skin – Combination skin falls smack dab in the middle of dry and oily skin. This is my skin type right hurrr, represent yo. The nose and forehead are generally oily, while the cheeks and around the eyes are more on the dry side. There are plenty of products out there that cater to this skin type. You can also just pay more attention to your T-zone come cleaning time and paying more attention to your dry areas when it comes to moisturizing.

Sensitive Skin – Sensitive skin is very dry and tight. It is very easily irritated and inflammation is common. This skin type develops reddish and scaly areas, can be itchy and tingly and is very prone to break outs. It is fragile and the most problematic of all skin types so the utmost care is essential to having clear skin.

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What To Do About A Bruised Toe Nail

So I was working an 8 hour shift in these adorable, super uncomfortable heels a while back and trust me… you better believe I was dying to get those babies off ASAP! Well, I woke up the next day to find that my my big toenail had this ugly, dark reddish color through out part of it…… you better believe I was like WTF!

Well… it’s still there…………. 5 months later, so I decided to do a little bit of research and write a little piece about it. Most articles I read about bruised nails noted pain as a symptom. Mine isn’t painful… it’s just really ugly lol so I honestly can’t say it bothers me too much. I’m just not too keen of showing my nails in public..

Here’s what I found. I hope it’s useful 🙂

I’ll throw some pictures of my nail up soon, so stay tuned!

What is a bruised nail?

(it was the prettiest picture I could find, this is not my feet btw)

Also known as subungual hematoma, runners toe, or tennis toe; a bruised nail is a collection of blood found underneath a toenail or fingernail.

How do you get a bruised nail?

A bruised nail is commonly caused from downward pressure or horizontal separation from the nail plate to the nail bed. This repetitive, traumatic injury leads to bleeding and pulling of blood underneath the toe nail plate. Clinically, it is characterized by the reddish-blackish discoloration. Bruised nails are also associated with tight fitting shoes and insufficient toe room.

How do you cover up a bruised nail?

Dark nail polishes are the way to go, honey.

How to treat a bruised nail?

In minor cases where most of the nail is attached, the body will naturally take care of this through the process of nail growth. The nail will grow out, and new nail will grow in to replace it. If there is no pain associated with the bruised area, there’s more than likely no need for treatment. In more serious cases, the nail has a tendency to fall off. You should apply a bandage to stop it from falling off completely. If your nail is completely black, it will fall and in about 5 weeks, a new one will begin grow. During this process, it’s best to keep the bare skin covered with a clean bandage in order to prevent an infection and any unwanted pain. In worst case scenario (WARNING, this is GROSS), massive amounts of liquid (often puss) get trapped under the nail bed. When it’s finally released, it tends to leave behind a nasty infection. If this is you, GO SEE DOCTOR ASAP! It only goes downhill from there…

How to prevent future bruised nails?

To help reduce the chances of getting anymore bruised nails, cut a lemon and use the lemon juice to rub on your nails. This helps because the natural enzymes contained in lemons will actually strengthen your nail. Also, it’s advisable to stop smoking. Cigarettes weaken the nail and take away it’s natural color, leaving it yellow and uglyyy.


Look at them sexy thangs!

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Seacret Nail Kit

One of the gifts I received for Christmas last year was the Seacret Nail Care Collection. It includes a 6.8 oz bottle of Ocean Body Lotion, 1 fl oz bottle of Cuticle Oil and a buffing block. I’m pretty sure it was purchased from one of those customer hawking kiosks you can find at the mall. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the gift. The products work great; my skin is soft and my nails are shiny as hell! I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

The ocean body lotion leaves my skin feeling nice and soft. The smell is amazing! My boyfriend doesn’t usually compliment my perfumes but after I put some of this stuff on, he told me I smelled great! It’s not the BESTEST best moisturizer out there but it does work well and I am pleased with the results.

The buffing block and cuticle oil do wonders to my nails! I’ve only used them once so far, but I’m very happy with what how my nails turned out. Before, my nails looked pretty dull and lets just say I was never really keen to showing them off lol. Now, they’ve got this brilliant shine to them and they look 5 times better than usual! It’s safe to say that I really like these products. Now we just have to see how long the results last! What i did is I applied the cuticle oil to each nail and rubbed it in for about 10 seconds or until I felt it was nice and absorbed. Then I used the nail buffer and went over my nails, one at a time. First I buffed with one of the blue sides for about five seconds. Then I switched to the grey side and used that for about 5 seconds. Lastly I used the long white side for about 5 seconds and it left me with shiny, beautiful nails.

Before and After

Here’s the right hand before, and the left one after… I probably should have used the same hand for the sake of this review, but I’m sure you guys get the gist of how the product works.

Overall 4 out of 5 stars!



So the results lasted about a week which i cant really complain about. I’ll let it keep its score of 4 out of 5.

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